Song of Israel is the DESTINY, the lifework, of ALYOSHA AND JODY RYABINOV. Together, they minister the FATHER’S LOVE and HEALING for His people.

Alyosha is a renowned Russian-Jewish Composer/Concert Pianist whom God chose to miraculously anoint to minister through spontaneous soaking, prophetic and healing music. Jody, his wife, joins him in ministering prophetic and healing words with great discerning and a love from God that some have described as “liquid love”. Together, they minister in the power of the Kingdom of God.

In addition to service through music, Alyosha and Jody travel nationally and internationally with concerts and teaching seminars.

Alyosha provides mature, interactive teaching in Scripture through unique Hebraic learning. He explains the origin, thought and intent of the Scripture, which contrasts much of today’s cultural understanding and teaching. Seminar topics include “Restoration and Healing Through Experiencing the Father’s Love”, “Israel, Our Hebraic Roots”, “One New Man” and “Learning how to Worship”.

Jody is called of God, a “mother of many”, an educator and speaker who ministers with depth and clarity in wisdom and words of knowledge. She is also a Certified Natural Healthcare Professional, with over 30 certifications and 35 years of research. She often provides education in healing and nutrition by integrating the Word of God and the kind of immeasurable faith He gives with a unique understanding of quantum physics, a science transforming the face of modern science and medicine today.

Through the service of Song of Israel the Spirit of the Most High is moving mightily, raising true disciples, equipping the people of God for His glory and their destiny, ministering healing and love, joy and freedom in His Spirit.