From Ministers

We have been blessed over and over with Jody and Alyosha Ryabinov. Song of Israel has impacted our lives as congregational leaders and our congregation with revelation of the Word, Prophetic Music and Prophecy. Their message on "The Father's Love" at the last conference was amazingly awesome and it brought so much healing to people. Jody's prophetic insight was so right on and the flow of Alyosha's music was astounding. Alyosha is greatly skilled as a concert pianist, but his revelation of the Word is as equally outstanding and captures your heart. We could sit and listen all night to his music or his teaching. There is so much anointing in his music, and that anointing brings visions and release in people's lives as they are blessed by it. We have listened to their CD'S and tapes and have been blessed by them many times... We pray that God will lead them to many congregations that they may receive what He has placed within them to flow out to others. They have so much to offer to everyone. We appreciate their being able to flow in the Spirit of God to bring whatever is needed as they hear His voice.

Pastors Kenneth & Phyllis Sturgill
Spirit & Truth Worship Center
Big Stone Gap, VA. 24219

Having known Alyosha and Jody for more than twelve years, I have watched their already mature ministry grow significantly. Alyosha has made dramatic increases in his knowledge of Hebrew and brings to life the power, the love, the humor with which the Holy Spirit has saturated Scripture. His messages flow with insight to bring the Living Word with power to change lives. His presentations always come forth with humor that holds everyone's attention. As good as all that is, his prophetic keyboard playing really tops all, especially when he lets his Spirit present us with quips that produce guffaws.

This pair is a team and Jody flows powerfully in the prophetic and is an impassioned preacher of the Word. When she ministers she holds everyone's attention while putting a strong punch in the message, sometimes adding to Alyosha's presentation. Together they offer much that the body needs today in a way that draws unsaved and saved alike.

Gwen adds, there cannot be a strong, effective ministry without love: And so faith, hope and love . . . love, true affection for God and Man, growing out of God's love for us, and in us - these three, but the greatest of these is love. We are honored to be your friends. With love and many blessings,

Gwen & Bill Morford

A recommendation for Pastors and Counselors:
I have just listened to an awesome CD entitled "No Longher A Victim". It was produced by Alyosha Ryabinov, a prophetic psalmist. As I listened to this CD I felt it would be something you may want to make available. I see it as a powerful tool to provide ongoing nurturing and healing through the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Mark Virkler - President of Christian Leadership University

Testimonies collected from different emails sent to Alyosha and Jody

Thanks again for your prayer after the concert at Ihringen. The Lord has healed me and he has set me free from fear, nightmare, panic attack and   depression, so I could go back to do my ministry work. Now my heart is full of joy and I can praise the Lord with songs again. I tell people about the wonderful grace of the Lord and of   His love to me. So I will praise the Lord and thank Him for He brought me together with you. The songs of the CD "Come and sing" lead me often to sing praises to the Lord and they remind me on this evening too. May the Lord fill your heart and spirit with his joy. Your sister in the Lord,


Dear Alyosha and Jody,

Your appearance on the show has been a tremendous blessing to me. It was truly divinely orchestrated, I was just laying on the carpet crying out to Father to download to my spirit man His unconditional love. He has been teaching me about the importance of being a carrier of this love, and not just living by the knowledge of it.He is presently maturing me in His love and is also preparing me to be a bride.He made me understand how absolutely vital it is to ministry just the way that you brought it out on the program. Unconditional love must be transmitted to others in our purpose . He used you to show me that he has been doing this in people. I realize that this is a free gift. Isn't it? You have been blessed with the ultimate gift. I am desperate for this impartation.

May the Lord continue to richly bless you both. Thanks for being a blessing to me.

Your sister in Christ,

The CD, In the Bosom of the Father, was given to me as a Christmas gift by one of my dearest friends. When she bought the CD's at a conference, Alyosha had just given a concert, and she was buying several CD's as gifts for Christmas. Jody asked if she could pray over them, and my friend was thrilled for Jody to pray. Jody prayed that the receivers of the CD's would be blessed and any one who listened to them would be blessed. The first five times I listened to this CD, I was so moved in my spirit that I wept. The music has such an anointing from the Holy Spirit that witnessed to my spirit, and I knew deep in my heart that it was a special message from my Heavenly Father....for all of His children....and for each of His children in particular. He called me by name....and I was overwhelmed. The blessing from The Father at the end of the CD is the way I would like to begin every morning and end every night before bed. The Lord has blessed me with a healing prayer ministry and I have used In the Bosom of the Father in ministry and in my studying. This CD is perfect for soaking prayer and I am taking it with me to a course in North Carolina to be used at The Community of the Cross during our prayer time at Dunamis (a 3-year course on prayer led by the Holy Spirit). You, Alyosha, are truly gifted and blessed to bless others with your music; and we, who listen, are blessed because we know in our spirits that we are hearing from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amazing Grace! Thank you and God bless!

Ginny G.

I absolutely adore the most recent CD, Adonai Rofi, that Alyosha and Sid Roth put together. I just lay on the floor in my living
room and soaked in the words, the music and especially the spirit-filled blessings that came flowing through my mind and heart as I listened. It is truly powerful and I felt as though my Heavenly Father was right there blessing me and bringing me new comfort and resolve. What a blessing! Thank you oh so much for the gift of these CD's.

Kathy D. - Ormond Beach, FL

We have been led to keep The Lord is My Healer playing almost 24/7 during
ramadan, and find that we are lifted up, and less affected, than we have
ever been during this time, as our family is so sound sensitive. Our other
copy we gave to our aunt in the hospital. Thank you for investing so much in
this CD. May there be many more in this line to come.

C. M.

The first time my husband and I listened to the healing CD we were in the midst of a very tense discussion, ie argument, and as the music played we were captured by the spirit of the music and the argument just disolved. We played it every night after that. then I gave my copy of healing CD to my mom She loves it. So I need another.

God bless.

Hello to you Alyosha and Jody

I listened to "In the Bosom of the Father " this morning. OH it was so wonderful.......... I felt the power of His Presence so strong. The annointing ..............................oh I can't explain it it is too wonderful for words to express. So much love in the music, so much joy, I am at this very moment listening to "Hidden in the Secret Place" mmmmm just so lovely Thank you so much

Love, Denise

Testimonies that came from "Hebrew Nuggets Conference"

We have never been to a more fruitful conference than the Nuggets. The substance and the flowing of the Spirit were sooo good!

Bill Morford

The Love of Abba Father Is alive and moving through the gathering we had at Hebrew Nuggets. I met family that I have always known. I have been transformed by this meeting and my heart is so ever grateful. Thank you Jody and Alyoshya. I now have a strong and living root in Israel (multiple deep meanings in the Word "Israel") through your life love, and ministry!

Dr Carol Bartholomew, Ocala, Florida


I just wanted to personally thank you for the Hebrew Nuggets that you shared. Besides the ministry, not only w/ your music but with your heart. I was tremendously blessed by you both and the Free's for allowing me to come and be involved in the weekend. It was one of the most timely and awesome retreats (advance!!) that I have been too. Everyone was not only receptive to what the Lord wanted to bring but also willing to give. Again, many thanks for sharing who God has raised you to be. Again, many thanks for sharing who God has raised you to be.

Blessings abundantly to you both,


Elsa and I so enjoyed this past weekend with you. We both feel that much healing took place while we sat under the teaching, prayers, and anointed playing of Alyosha. This healing extended to our relationship, and we feel we can now go forward, leap out of the stalls, and proceed towards what God has for us and wants to do through us. In the past I had received many words about getting out of the box I was in. I would try to break out, but didn't know how that was to be done. As the deer, God has given me hinds feet to leap from the box. Old patterns of thinking, ungodly beliefs, legalistic ways of looking at scripture are all being torn down, and we are free to break forth into the realm of the kingdom and the realm of joy, excitement, and adventure in Him.

The teaching and nuggets brought forth a new understanding of the Father and His love for us. Particularly, that we follow the teachings of Torah and Jesus because of our love for Him and others, not because of fear of punishment because of breaking the rules or the consequences of wandering from the path. Our Dad wants so much more for us. Thank you for allowing us to receive more of our Father's love and acceptance as His sons. No longer orphans, no longer beggars, but sons of a loving Dad who want to please Him.

The peace and healing that took place within us, while Alyosha played, was wonderful. Elsa especially appreciated Jody's personal ministry over her. We thank you for your prayers for our son, David, that you prayed. He will be arriving home this evening. Thank you for being such a blessing to us. We will continue to pray for you and your family as part of our own. In the love of the Father,

R. and E.


I just wanted to email you to thank both of you for pouring out yourselves to be a blessing to others. I was greatly blessed and impacted by the retreat. As both of you have extended the Fathers blessing to me I have literally felt weights come off me. When you prayed for me Alyosha the fire of God went through my entire body. I have felt that 4 different times in my life. Each time I was set free in a huge way and taken to a new level of healing and depth in the Lord. So I am looking forward to experiencing a new level of freedom. I had ask the Lord to send someone to stand in the gap for my parents so I could receive a spoken blessing and now that prayer has been answered. I can't tell you what a huge thing that took place for me as you stood in the gap. I greatly appreciate and am thankful for your obedience to do what the Lord has called you to do. I have been carrying a connection with Israel in my heart for many years. I have been praying that the Lord would help me learn more about my Hebraic roots and connect me with people who have the same heart. I have also been hoping that in some way I could sow seeds into Israel and His people through my talents and gifts he has given me. Perhaps there is a way that I can help your ministry through my products or through prayer. If the Lord places any ideas on your heart please feel free to email me. Shalom and blessings to both of you. In His love,

S. L. (Florida)


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