What is Soaking Music?

It is interesting that the Hebrew word “kava”, which means to collect or to gather, is used in Genesis 1:9 in connection with the gathering of the waters. Hebrew word “mikveh”, which means water immersion, is derived from this root word. From the same root comes another word, “kiva”, which means to hope or to wait. The word “tikvah” also means hope. It is note-worthy that today the practice of being quiet in the presence of the LORD is called “soaking.” We are being gathered to Him in quietness for the saturation of His presence – being immersed.

Music that flows out of a heart of love for God, in true worship, will bring healing, freedom and rest to those who are intently listening.  This type of music is a vehicle to bring us into a new awareness of the Kingdom and the realms of God’s glory.

As we yield to God’s presence by moving away from our busy lives, works, words, concepts, and our goals, the Father’s embrace is revealed to us through the quieting of our minds and bodies.  The scripture says: “Be still, and know that I am God” Psalms 46:10, NKJV. As we learn to still ourselves in His presence, His desire and His will are revealed to us. Thus, we find ourselves refreshed and we experience His Love even through the musical notes. It is surely the dawning of a new day, a day in which we need to seek the face of God and meditate upon His Word and majesty.

The word for “still” in Psalm 46:10 is described this way in the Hebrew dictionary as follows: to release, to loosen one's grip on, to drop; to leave alone, to stop bothering; to relax (a muscle). Doesn’t that sound inviting?

The only difference between light, color and musical notes is vibratory frequencies. Music that is a glory to God is filled with His light and will bring harmony on every level of ones life. We encourage you to enter His rest and enjoy His presence through the experience of listening to music that is created to bring every listener into a deep place of peace and rest!

Soaking – What is It and How It Can Be Done?

In every wave or move of the Spirit of God there is a component devoted to quietness and rest.  In times past this was called “tarrying” or “waiting on the Lord”.  It was that place where, after one earnestly prayed, they became quiet and waited for a sense of what God was saying – or maybe just until they felt a peace in their heart that their petition was heard.

Today there is a new term called “soaking” which embodies all that was implied in the past, but the dimension has shifted.  Rather than pursuing an answer or laboring in prayer, a place of comfort and peace has been sought.  The place of resting in the Love of God as opposed to striving to be heard, takes the person out of the midst of their busyness into a place of rest.

By placing ourselves in the presence of God, we are then in a position to be open to receiving from the Spirit.  God moves in with Love and soothes the trouble, confusion and pain.  When we present ourselves before God in a posture of rest, we allow Him to infuse us with love and peace.

In today’s busy world, we seldom find time to just sit.  We’ve just got too much to do.  And, in all of our busyness we find ourselves stressed out, in pain, unable to cope with life and often we push the things that are really important down a few pegs.  The result is anxiety and a lack of trust – both in our own abilities and in God’s ability and willingness to help us. This brings on all types of sickness and infirmities – both mental and physical.

When you think of soaking, what comes to mind?  Perhaps we can paint a picture of what you can experience when you take the time to soak in the Presence of the Creator of the Universe.

There’s nothing like the feeling of slipping into a tub full of warm water and sliding down until the warmth of the water covers your entire body, like a warm silky blanket.  Your body loses its weight and becomes more buoyant as the soothing water relaxes all of your muscles.  If you close your eyes, you can feel as though you are floating.  Soaking in the Presence of the Creator can be like that.  Find a quiet place to sit or lie down.  Make sure you are comfortable and allow your body to relax as you fix your attention on the Love and Goodness of the One Who Loves you.

As you position yourself in a restful position, the true sense of meditation upon scripture is a very powerful thing. Now we are speaking about the true “Lost Art of Meditation”! King David mediated upon the Word day and night and was transformed by it. Meditation upon the written Word becomes living and active. From God’s Spirit, He grants divine wisdom, application to ones life and situations, as well as vision, call and destiny. How wonderful is that? It can be done anywhere and also without music. However, if music carries the power of God, it grants a special ease of entrance!

As you listen to music that has been created for this expressed purpose, it transports you into the bosom of the Father.  It is in that place that your mind can become quiet and anxiety melts away. Entering His rest and glory is done without striving.  It is in this state of mind and heart that the prophets of old received visions and wisdom from above! Our Creator has not changed and still delights to open the heavens for His people.

Every one of us has a deep need to be close to God and yet many of us run from that encounter.  Perhaps it is because we remain anxious rather than restful.  By taking time daily to truly relax and allow for a time of soaking in the Presence of God, peace will replace anxiety and quietness will permeate our beings.  An encounter through soaking in His Presence will change your life.

Music has been shown to:

The types of music on the Song of Israel website are varied and we would like to suggest several CD’s as vehicles for soaking:

Enjoy the music and may you receive every good gift from ABOVE!


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