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Healing of the blind eyes

Last Thursday night I was watching It's Supernatural with Alyosha playing. My blind son was on the phone and I put the phone on the TV screen and told him to listen and touch his eyes. When the music stopped, I told him to open his eyes and asked, "What do you see?" He said "Light in the hall", and that was just the first thing. He started naming other things he could see. His eyes are opened and he can see and drive again. He put his dark glasses away. I just can't praise and thank God enough. The doctor said, "Nothing can be done for him", but they just don't know my God.

C.L. from Clio, Alabama

Healing of the diabetes

Jody, Just a short note to inform you of the healing I received at your Lakeland meeting a few months ago.. I have been an insulin dependant diabetic for 15 + years ..with blood sugar levels in excess of 450 sometimes and as high as the meter telling Danger call Doctor. Your husband prayed for me after the service...And with diabetes there are no real symtons unless they are extremes. I awoke next morning my blood sugar read 85 ,I checked blood twice it is usally 220+ in morning before injection....Next day it was 78, next day 75....I have been insulin free with the exception of the lust of ice cream once got in the way...I have been insulin free.Praise God...Isn't it just like God to send someone from russia to heal someone raised in Buffalo N.Y. to be healed in lakeland... Praise the Lord.....

Daryl S.

Healing of the rhemautoid arthritis and thyroid disease

I am 31 yrs. old. God healed my rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease. I listened to your cd and he also just healed my toe (stopped growing when I was 4) I purchased more of your cd's to share. Would it be okay to make 1 copy of each cd I purchased. I need others to experience this! Thank you for listening to what God told you to do!

Danielle S.

Healing of the knees

About three or four years ago I fell. I was at a Prison Fellowship meeting at a church that I had not been to before. They had a carpet in the Fellowship Hall that covered the floor and the “rise” that could double as a stage. I was carrying a tray of food and could not see where I was walking. I tripped on the corner of the rise and being the "good guest" I held my tray so as not to spill it and took the fall on my knees. The carpet had no padding and I crushed the cushion in my knees. Being the hard headed person that I am – I wouldn’t go to the doctor. My knees hurt so bad that for a while I was on crutches. I finally went to see a doctor and he prescribed a medication to ease the pain but not fix the problem. I took the pain pills twice a day and four glucosamine conjointen to help rebuild my knees. It helped but still didn’t fix the problem.

Friday – October 3rd, we went to Shabbat. We attend a Messianic Jewish Worship service once a month. They are followers of our Lord Jesus Christ or as they say in Hebrew – Yehsua ha Mashiach. During the worship a man who was from the Ukraine was playing the piano and he asked everyone to who had pain to place their hand on that part of their body. Well, I had pain in both my knees and my hips as well. I put my hands on my knees as he played. I could feel something in my body – kinda like the tingling feeling one gets at the beginning of going numb but I wasn’t sure of it. I had never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t pay attention the following day when Linda and I went to Union Correctional but I had to walk a long distance to get to our meeting hall. Again on Sunday, I didn’t notice much either – the pain was gone but I was busy and my thoughts were elsewhere. But Monday evening – Bill and I went for a walk like we usually do – to take Daisey out. Usually I cannot walk the full distance and I turn around and start back while Bill walks the full distance. This time I walked the full distance and I noticed that my knees were not hurting. Not only that, but neither were my hip joints. Not only that but I was keeping up the pace! ! ! I give all the Praise and Glory to our Lord. For the first time in years, I could get on my knees to Him to pray and give Him thanks. To our God be the glory!


Emotional Healing

Soon after I saw the video of “Sid Roth’s Its Supernatural” on Alyosha and Jody, my friend and I ordered “The Lord is my Healer” CD. I never heard of such passionate worship piano music. I started to get tears and wept. As I kept listening to this CD, feelings of anger and pain started to come out and I started to remember many unforgiving emotional pains from my childhood that came out like a bubble one by one and then I felt as though these bubble would pop and disappear. Soon the angry feelings started to diminish and I could not remember the pain. I felt great warmth and such peace and a heart to forgive others.

As I continued to listen to this CD for over a month I now feel the Holy Spirit flowing like a river in me and I start to dance with joy with this heavenly worship piano music of Alyosha. Even when I am not listening; I can feel the music and hum the melody. Even the circumstance in my life has not changed with the overflow of the Holy Spirit from the music I was released from long forgotten bitterness. The music let me experience the depth of the love of Jesus and helped me to get nearer to “Abba” God our Father or “Daddy” and His deep love and mercy. Thank you for creating such heavenly music to bless the world. Shalom!

Love Emily from Tokyo

Overcoming Fear

Thank you! We are giving away my copy of this recording, and I don't want to be without one. It helped change my life when I was prompted by the Lord to deal with fear. This cd is a blessing!

"Fear Not"



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